The Reading List – November 2019

It’s nearly the end of 2019, and we hope you’ve got lots of booze-soaked, food-focused, festive plans ahead of you this season. We’ve long stopped going outdoors, obvs, which gives us plenty of time to read thought-provoking articles on the internet, from WeTransfer’s interactive guide and a new take on email subject lines, to a protest at a pageant and mummy bloggers gone rogue. We hope you enjoy the November list.    

Ideas Report (WeTransfer)
For the WeTransfer Ideas Report 2019, the file-sharing platform surveyed 20,000 creatives from all over the world to find out how ideas develop. The report covers idea identification and growth, ethics and social responsibility, and how free time is essential for creative thinking. 

Clemmie Hooper Instagram scandal: Mother of Daughters blogger admits she planted stories about other influencers (Sara Feigin, Evening Standard)
In a recent influencer scandal, mummy blogger (blurgh) Hooper was exposed for trolling her competitors (including her daddy-blogger husband) under a pseudonym. It’s a baffling story that shines a light on the falsehoods that pervade on social media platforms, despite a veneer of authenticity.    

Contestants turn Miss Peru pageant into powerful protest (SBS News)
In a moment of 100% bad-assery, the Miss Peru pageant contestants forwent giving their bust, waist and hip sizes, instead taking turns to deliver facts about violence against women in Peru. i.e. “My name is Camila Canicoba, I represent Lima and my measurements are: 2,202 cases of feminicides reported in the last nine years in my country.”

The killer metric for email subject lines that ‘experts’ don’t understand (Parry Malm, eConsultancy)
This article makes a less-heard argument for diversity over formula in subject line writing. Phrasee has created a Language Diversity Calculator to help marketers achieve diversity of language in their emails which, as argued in this article, may lead to better response rates.  

Christmas sandwich taste test: ‘2019 is a vintage year’ (Felicity Cloake and Meera Sodha, The Guardian)
It’s the most anticipated event of the season – which Christmassy, bread-based, lunch-on-the-go will come out on top? This definitive list includes vegan options. Will the high-end food retailers triumph, or will the affordable supermarkets win the taste test? 

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