The top 10 octo-blogs of 2019

We’re making the most of the current lull by taking the time to look back on the year that’s been. Specifically, we’ve identified the octo-blogs that you loved the most this year. And what did we learn? Well for a start, you love a list. You also like marketing content, with marketing automation and b2b copywriting ranking highly. And you can’t get enough of our company culture content and sillier stuff like the crisp blog. But to be fair, who doesn’t like crisps?

These are the top 10 blogs of 2019:

  1. Integrate your sales and marketing tools to improve conversion
    We’re somewhat surprised that this technical blog bagged the number one spot. But it’s totally in line with our unique, brand to sales approach, and shows how seriously modern marketers take their automation and lead generation. The blog gave advice for implementing automation software and improving collaboration between marketing and sales. 
  2. How I became a mental health first aider 
    This blog, written by senior copywriter Nicole Jones, details her day of training to become one of OG’s mental health first aiders. We currently have three, willing to lend an ear to any employee who is struggling. It’s great to see mental health awareness continue to blossom, and the popularity of this blog shows that that interest extends to b2b and tech marketers. 
  3. 10 years of Roctostock
    This year marked the 10-year anniversary of our famous festival summer party, Roctostock. The blog featured this year’s theme: ‘Now that’s what I call Roctostock’, and highlights from the past decade – from Grease to cowboys and indians – so it’s no surprise that it reached number 3 on our list.
  4. 4 ways to escape the content marketing ‘pinch point’ in B2B
    ‘4 ways’ is at number 4, how poetic! A cornerstone piece of content, this is one of a couple of historic blogs to make the list. We think this article is so popular because it deals with content marketing challenges, and we all know how important content is to modern marketing. It also features findings from the 2016 edition of our annual research report, Tech Heads, which is always a key bit of content for us. 
  5. 10 examples of great B2B copywriting
    Another list! And you thought Buzzfeed was dead. In this piece, we gained inspiration from our peers, looking at how B2B companies can employ clear, simple, engaging, and often fun copy in their marketing. It helps humanise the brand, and – let’s be honest – it’s just easier and more enjoyable to read. 
  6. Merry Crispmas
    This brand spanking blog by our head of copy, Jamie Fewery, has absolutely nothing to do with marketing. But it’s very well written, informative (which festive crisps should you buy?? *wrings hands*) and frankly, it’s very funny. Give it a read if you haven’t already. 
  7. How on earth do you create an award-winning marketing campaign?
    This tells the story of the Earth-i campaign, which won the LinkedIn Marketing Award in 2018. It used paid LinkedIn to reach very specific targets, and the results were phenomenal. This step-by-step guide shows how we did it.
  8. Andsplaining: or why you absolutely can start a sentence with ‘and’
    Think you shouldn’t start your sentences with ‘and’? Think again! This blog explains why we shouldn’t feel tied to the grammar rules we learned at school. In writing, sometimes it’s okay to break the rules if it better fits your purpose or if, simply, it sounds better.
  9. How to populate the top of the B2B marketing funnel
    Another blog from 2016, this one talks about the top of the funnel and attracting relevant people to your website using on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation and link building. It includes lots of useful info around content creation, keywords and social media, which is why it’s another one of our cornerstone pieces of content.
  10. Meet Procre8, Dubai
    Part of our popular ION network series, which saw us reach out to our international network of PR agencies for tips and insights from their respective regions, this article is an interview with Ian Saldanha, senior account manager at Procre8 in the UAE. It was fascinating to hear about the area’s unique media landscape and PR industry. 

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