The UK PR league table tells a story

This year’s PR Week league table reflects what we already know; budgets are under pressure, the PR industry is changing, and agencies are rethinking how they offer best value to clients.

According to PR Week, Octopus Group is the 45th biggest PR agency in the UK and one of the biggest tech-focused ‘boutiques’We’re proud of that but what’s more interesting is what the table can’t show – innovation.

Octopus Group is the ‘Brand to Sales’ agency for tech-focused brands. The value we bring to PR briefs is putting PR in the context of Sales and Marketing. It’s still PR but with tangible outputs delivering a consolidated outcome; sales leads.

Every PR agency is talking about change, integration and content marketing right now. We believe that to offer real, sustained value agencies need to rethink their offer, their service approach, their skillset and their structure. We’ve done it but it’s not for the faint hearted.

Agency profit and industry rankings are great long-term success indicators but for the next year or so, they should take a back seat while the future of PR and what it means for brands is redefined.