27.01.17 – Finish January on a smart note: The latest marketing and tech news

Every week we round-up the latest news in B2B marketing and tech. This week, we explore UK tech’s reaction to the Supreme Court ruling, why social media is falling short of B2B marketers expectations and news of Alibaba’s recent acquisition.

Alibaba’s Ant Financial buys MoneyGram for $880m

The digital payments arm of e-commerce giant Alibaba, Ant Financial, is buying US-based MoneyGram for £700m. The acquisition could help the company extend its dominant market share and expand overseas to try and see off rival Tencent’s WeChat payment system. Eric Jing, chief executive at Ant Financial, said in a statement that the acquisition will” provide greater access, security and simplicity for people around the world to remit funds.”

Top keywords for B2B marketers are ’email marketing’ and ‘online video’, study suggests

A new study exploring the direction in which B2B marketers are moving has found that the terms “email-related marketing” and “online video marketing” have increased significantly. The study over two years looked into the online activity of companies nationwide. Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence said “as the B2B buying journey begins with online research, this use of intent signalling data powerfully illustrates a new capability for B2B marketers”.

Here’s how UK tech reacted to the Supreme Court’s Brexit ruling

This week, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of letting Parliament vote on Article 50, to begin the process of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Oleg Giberstein, founder of peer-to-peer career mentoring platform, Guidelighter, said; “The crackdown on immigration will hurt all of us here. The industry’s open, international culture and access to talent will inevitably suffer so any parliamentary-forced amendment to Hard Brexit, however small, would be a win.”

Social Media Falls Short of Expectations for B2B Marketers

A recent poll of US B2B marketers by Bizible has found that social media was the second most widely used tactic for customer acquisition, surpassed only by email marketing. But, being able to measure its ROI was still posing a challenge in terms of increasing brand awareness and generating leads. Read our recent blog on how social selling can work for B2B brands to gain insight into the power of social in B2B.

President Trump’s tech policy is a mystery

Tech policy experts have spent this week discussing what’s in store under the Trump administration at the State of the Net Conference in Washington. However, it would appear the waters are muddied when it comes to what Trumps’ thoughts are on the tech industry. “It’s difficult to predict whether the White House will take a primary leadership, or whether Congress will, or whether these issues will be on the front burner for any part of government,” R Street Institute senior policy analyst, Mike Godwin, explained during an interview at the conference.