03.02.17 – Hey Siri, where is OG’s weekly news run-through?

Every week we round-up the latest news stories in the marketing and tech worlds. This week, we explore what marketers need to know about listening devices, ad-blocking, the 34 coolest tech CEOs in Europe.

What marketers need to know about ‘listening devices’

The development of AI and voice technology is moving at a speed that is forcing marketers to take note. In fact, Google says that 20% of the queries on its mobile app and Android devices are now voice searches. Major tech players have eagerly invested in bot platforms and brands are getting on board as a way of interacting with consumers in a truly engaging way. Not only that, the global intelligent virtual assistant market is expected to reach $3.07 billion by 2020.

Tech firms back legal fight against Trump’s travel ban

Amazon, Microsoft and Expedia have backed a lawsuit against Donald Trump’s executive order banning nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US. In an email to Amazon employees, CEO Jeff Bezos said: “We’re a nation of immigrants whose diverse backgrounds, ideas and points of view have helped us build and invent as a nation for over 240 years. It’s the latest in a line of protests to Trump’s immigration controls, which this week saw Airbnb offer free accommodation to those affected.

Ad-blocking, digital disruptors and technical teamwork

A new survey from the Chartered Institute of Marketing has revealed that 76% of marketers believe the rise of ad-blocking will in fact be beneficial to the industry, as it will drive an increase in creativity and emerging technologies, such as chatbots and virtual reality. The report also indicates that customer experience continues to be the dominant focus for marketers with 33% of those surveyed also suggesting the lines between IT, digital and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred.

The 34 coolest tech CEOs in Europe

With thousands of fast-growth start-ups emerging out of Europe every year, this list truly demonstrates the accomplishments of tech brands outside of Silicon Valley. Business Insider has collated the top 34 coolest start-up CEOs in Europe, judged on their personal careers and how innovative their companies are. We’re delighted to see our client, Klarna, making the list at number 11. Congratulations!


UK ranks second for global tech exits in 2016

The UK has ranked second globally for tech exits in 2016, according to CB Insights’ Global Tech Exits report. Statistically, 55% of the UK’s exits were completed by companies operating in the internet space, 15% were software companies and only 13% were carried out by mobile and telecoms brands. The most well-funded UK tech companies to exit last year were O3B Networks, Skyscanner and MyOptique.