The Week in Tech: Is artificial intelligence really that intelligent?

When Blade Runner was released in 1982, it painted a terrifying picture of a dystopian future in which humans lived alongside hyper-realistic androids, or ‘replicants.’ The robots, of course went rogue, as they always do. It is considered so believable, that even Nasa described it as realistic.  We’re only two years away from the year when the film is set, and whilst technology is making progress in the field of AI, there’s still a way to go before we’re living in a science fiction nightmare. Check out the latest stories that will help ease your fears of a robot revolution. For now.

Mattel thinks again about AI babysitter

Mattel has decided against releasing its AI-powered ‘babysitter.’ The toy company announced the device back in January, but faced criticism from campaigners who said that artificial intelligence should not replace real parenting.

The device, called ‘Aristotle’ combined home assistant technology and a small camera that worked as a visual baby monitor. It also had the ability to automatically “reorder or look for deals and coupons on baby consumables, formula and other baby products when it detects you are likely running low on the specific item.”

Artificial intelligence sector ‘needs more brain power’

We may be worrying that robots are coming for our jobs, however it seems that companies which make the bots are struggling to find qualified employees.

According to research from jobs site Indeed, there are at least twice as many jobs in artificial intelligence than suitable applicants.

AI will eliminate 1.8M jobs but create 2.3M by 2020, claims Gartner

Even if AI does steal all of our jobs, Gartner’s head of research, Peter Sondergaard believes it’ll eventually create more. A big part of Gartner’s claim is the assumption that AI will play a complementary role to a lot of workers, allowing them to be faster, more efficient and more productive. AI will essentially end up ‘augmenting people.’

Siri says the national anthem of Bulgaria is ‘Despacito’

A hilarious case of artificial intelligence going wrong cropped up this week, causing Siri to claim that the Bulgarian national anthem is Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit song, ‘Despacito.’

‘Despacito’ may be the most streamed song of all time, however Bulgaria’s national anthem is in fact ‘Mila Rodino.’ Or ‘Dear Motherland.’  The digital voice assistant’s motives for attempting to rewrite history to favour the reggaetón hit remain unclear.