The Week In Tech: Data updates

Senior Account Executive Ioiana Luncheon has been trawling the internet to share the week’s biggest data stories, including the proposed changes to UK data protection laws.

UK data protection laws to be overhauled

New government proposals could allow UK citizens to obtain more control over what happens to personal information. The proposals are part of an overhaul of UK data protection laws drafted under Digital Minister, Matt Hancock.

Fears data protection rules could close small firms

The Forum of Private Business, has warned that the aforementioned data regulations could force small businesses to close down. The group is calling for the government to consider the impact the proposals would have on small businesses.

Microsoft unleashes massive computing power in UK data centres

The upgraded Azure virtual machines will make it easier to work with huge amounts of information.  They will deliver more computer power to allow work to be done smoothly and quickly, without the lag that some computers and virtual machines suffer from.

US senators introduce new bill aimed at securing IoT devices

US senators have introduced a new bill to better secure Internet of Things devices and to protect security researchers as they attempt to find vulnerabilities in these devices. The government is aiming to lead by example, insisting that manufacturers supplying the government with connected devices must comply with industry-wide security practices.