The Week in Tech: Women entrepreneurs lack funds

Survey: 22% of female tech founders not heard by male investors

AllBright, a collective aiming to help women entrepreneurs in the UK, has recently published its “FoundHER Female Founders” survey, analysing the challenges women face when starting up a business. 1 in 5 women say they’re not being heard by male investors, whilst AllBright’s co-founder commented that just 2% of global venture capital funding goes to women every year. Furthermore, a third of respondents admitted they’d like to receive proper training when funding their businesses, but half of them can’t afford it.

Google hit with record EU fine over Shopping service

This week, Google was fined with the largest penalty ever given out by the European Union Commission, for an amount of €2.42bn, or £2.1bn. This follows an investigation started by the Commission in 2010, looking at Google’s promotion of its own shopping comparison service at the top of the search results. The EU’s competition commissioner commented: “It has denied other companies the chance to compete on their merits and to innovate, and it has denied European consumers the benefits of competition, genuine choice and innovation.”

Victims of latest global ransomware attack urged not to pay

A ransomware attack, similar to the WannaCry attack that happened a few weeks ago, has hit a large part of the EU, as well as the US, Ukraine and Russia. Experts are finding similarities to the previous attack which targeted the NHS and locks victims out of their computers, rather than just their files. Attackers are using techniques such as EternalRomance or Mimikatz to access computers’ credentials and victims are being advised not to pay the $300 ransom.

Finance firms which adopt new technologies are more successful, says study                             

Fintech provider, FIS Group, has just published its “FIS’s Readiness Index”, assessing companies on their adoption and use of automation, emerging technologies and digital innovation. The major take-away is that 40% of the Top 20 companies have seen their global revenue grow by 5% or more, whilst this was the case for only 22% of the rest of the companies listed. Blockchain applications were used by 40% of the leaders, just ahead of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, only a quarter of senior executives believe that they have the tech ability to support their growth ambitions.

BT launches free London Wi-Fi and phone calls

It’s time to say goodbye to the iconic red telephone box first installed by BT, as the company begins replacing them with more modern units. BT’s InLinkUK system will provide free Wi-Fi and phone calls to Londoners and tourists, as well as the possibility to charge their devices and get practical information, such as maps or local services. The first of its kind is already available on Camden High Street, financed by the advertising revenue displayed on the units.