‘Tis the season

The weather outside is frightful. So, I have taken one for the team. I have tried Turkey ‘Christmas’ sandwiches from all the major supermarkets (I could get to easily), plus a few classic lunchtime haunts.

These were the strict ground rules:

  • Must be a Turkey ‘Christmas’ sandwich.
  • If multiple Turkey sandwiches were available, I went for the most ‘classic’ one.
  • Must be eaten while listening to Christmas music. Mariah, George, Noddy & Elton are all acceptable.
  • Judging was out of 10.
  • The winner was the sandwich I found the most Christmassy – IE the one you would make at 9pm from the leftovers!

Gifts on a budget

If you just want a sarnie for your lunch Sainsbury’s and Tesco provide the cheapest option at £2.35 – you might not expect much for that but both are good value. The Tesco’s one comes with all the jingle bells and whistles on.

The coal in your stocking

There had to be one that was just a bit grim. That accolade goes to Co-op. It tasted more like a jam sandwich than a Christmas feast.

Ba Humbug

I am pretty sure they didn’t actually put the word ‘Christmas’ on the box. But Eat’s option, though it was a really good-eat, didn’t really taste like a Christmas sandwich. How can you have no stuffing – have a word!

Jingle all the way

The top two! Not much to separate Sainsbury’s and Pret from the Christmas No1 spot. Sainsbury’s just edged it for me but either are a worth leaving out for Santa.

*Sorry Asda and Morrisons you don’t have a store near me!

Angela Richmond of Loudhouse Research commented “Any food retailer worth their salt will be reading this study with great interest, though some will question its validity. The sample size is laughably small, and clearly unrepresentative of the British public. The fact that this chap only eats brown bread and has no Asda or Morrison’s within striking distance tells us all we need to know about his demographic. Still, it’s made me hungry, I’m off to lunch.”

Resident Italian, Sara Ballaben, also of Loudhouse Research, adds: “Some might wonder about the objectivity of the judging criteria, too. ‘Quite sweet’, ‘Too much cranberry’, and the guy certainly loves his greens! I’m still not sure what Eat got wrong with its ‘on-Xmas flavour’, but what is sure is that the Italian in me still cringes a bit when I find fruit among the ingredients of a main…Christmassy or not, turkey & cranberry sounds almost as bad as pineapple on pizza to me. But hey, I said almost!”