How we upgraded our ‘thank you emails’, and why you should too

We recently spent some time sifting through our back catalogue of thank you emails generated by eGuide downloads, revisiting the copy and the Call-To-Actions (CTAs).

Why did we do this? Were we simply feeling a little nostalgic and looking to pass a few hours on a rainy afternoon? Well, not quite – we actually read a LinkedIn post by Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift. He described thank you emails as ‘free money’, saying: ‘They are expecting an email (and it’s a rare email that *won’t* make someone mad).’

In other words, the thank you email is likely to have a good open and engagement rate. And that means marketers who simply write ‘thank you, here’s your download’ are missing a trick!

What we did

Now, we were already including links to further downloads in our thank you emails, but the recommendations were getting out of date since we’re always creating new content. Regular reviews let you guide readers to the most recent, relevant resources.

We also identified that we were missing an opportunity with copy, since it was sparse and minimal, and not as engaging as it could be.

In an effort to rectify this, we created a log of all our existing thank you emails, recommended content and copy. Then we went through them, one-by-one, and thought about which content someone who had downloaded that particular guide would be most interested in.

As well as further guides, we also included links to our blog, or to case studies where appropriate (i.e. where there wasn’t already a workflow in place). Finally, we rewrote the copy in our signature friendly, yet clear and purposeful style – telling people what to do next.

We’ve now updated our thank you emails, and will keep an eye on the outcome i.e. who’s clicking on what – further optimising our content recommendations where we can.

It’s important to keep prospects in the funnel by drip-feeding them valuable content. A generic thank-you email is a missed opportunity. The change also improves the experience and interaction with our brand for whoever downloads a guide.

It’s an easy win. Give it a go!

The finished result