Webinar 29.11.16 – How does modern marketing use insights to drive results?

Research is an umbrella term for a range of different data and insight disciplines. But what role does it play in modern marketing strategies and what hurdles can it overcome? Join our webinar, ‘Data Decathlon – How to use insights to drive results’ on 29th November at 15:30, as we explore what types of data and research really can make an impact on your marketing efforts and where to apply and deploy different research strategies. From brand audits to thought leadership to customer insights, marketers need to run, jump and skip through the data decathlon to find that illusive competitive advantage. Hosted by Billy Hamilton-Stent, who is the founder of our research unit, Loudhouse, we’ll cover: – Strategies to make research achieve many more business objectives – How to get maximum ROI from research by expanding the scope without breaking the bank – Case studies of research that have wowed the business