Webinar: Panic at the disco – Being different in B2B

A recent Octopus Group study of UK marketing directors revealed that changes in the competitive landscape were causing them to lose sleep, with over half stating that differentiation was a major challenge. True differentiation in a B2B market is difficult. Differentiation means taking a different route, trying new things, being different. All of this creates risk, and like trying to be different at your first school disco… it can go wrong: customers can disengage and senior execs assume that the comms function doesn’t understand their business. Join us for a webinar on September 29th at 3.15pm BST (GMT +1) This session will cover how to get differentiation right in a conservative B2B market where both customers and colleagues count. Billy Hamilton Stent, MD of Octopus Group’s research unit, Loudhouse, will discuss the two key stages of differentiation:  

    1. How to use customer insight to formulate a differentiating B2B strategy that strikes the right balance of engaging customers and appeasing internal stakeholders
    2. How to activate differentiating campaigns brilliantly to build brand advocacy quickly

To attend the webinar, click here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/452/221819