Webinar poll results: the ‘content pinch point’ for B2B marketers

Yesterday we hosted a webinar for B2B marketers about the ‘content pinch point’ and polled them on today’s buying trends – here are the results… Billy Hamilton-Stent, Octopus Group’s Client Strategy Director, fielded a variety of questions from marketers looking to overcome the ‘content pinch point’ trend (shorter attention spans for marketing comms among buyers, and purchasing decisions taking longer), and gave a strategic view on how marketing campaigns can engage today’s B2B directors. There were also live polls about the pinch point trend, and a case study from a tech client who has overcome the trend and is generating fantastic campaign results – the poll questions and results are listed further down the page, and you can check out the webinar in the video player below. The polling questions and results What do you think the reasons may be for the sales decision making process extending in selecting suppliers?

  • A greater choice of suppliers 24%
  • More internal stakeholder in the decision process 44%
  • Fear of making the wrong decision 16%
  • Politics and administration 16%
  • Lack of knowledge 0%

Who do you think invests the most time in consuming content to inform sales decisions from the people we asked in the survey?

  • Finance head 8%
  • HR head 0%
  • IT head 25%
  • Marketing head 67%
  • CEO 0%

What percentage of the people that hit your website do you think are in ‘buyer’ mode rather than browser mode?

  • Under 10% – 50%
  • 11% to 25% – 25%
  • 26% to 50% – 21%
  • 51% to 75% – 4%
  • Over 75% – 0%

The case study discussed in the webinar is one that follows an inbound marketing model – for some practical advice on how you can do the same, download our eGuide: How to build a winning inbound marketing team Download How To Build A Winning Inbound Marketing Team  

Image via flickr.com/photos/brucecharles/