Webinar: the ‘content pinch point’ in B2B marketing, 3pm on 29th Feb

In our annual Tech Heads study, we spoke to over 400 UK directors to explore trends in content consumption and buyer behaviours for B2B businesses.

The findings revealed a paradox: attention spans are shortening, but decision making time is extending.

We call it the ‘content pinch point’…but what can forward-thinking marketers do about it?

On Monday 29th February at 3pm, Billy Hamilton-Stent, our Client Strategy Director, is hosting a webinar on how B2B marketers can adapt to this trend and make it help, rather than hurt, their business.

UPDATE: This webinar has now taken place – you can watch it in the video player below

The webinar will cover:

  • How the content ‘pinch point’ is adversely affecting marketing departments
  • The tell-tale signs that reveal the pinch in your campaigns
  • Strategies to rectify the problem and turn results around
  • Practical ways marketers can support sales in the journey from interested lead to high-value customer

Image via flickr.com/photos/lolika/