Week In Tech: For he’s football crazy, he’s football mad

Hi! Joe here, Research Executive for the Loudhouse team here at Octopus group. The awkward period between the Champions League and the World cup means I can’t bore you with football related tech facts, so I’ll just catch you up on some of the tech winners and losers this week.

Scientist have 3D printed eyes!

So apparently, up in humble Newcastle they have created eyes.

Well not quite, they explain it much better, but essentially, it’s amazing because it’ll give millions the gift of sight again!

Tesla’s autopilot rams police car

Oh electric car of the future, now on the wrong side of the feds.

A Tesla car has crashed into the police car, with the offending driver stating that their car was in autopilot mode when the crash happened.

Elon Musk, CEO Tesla, responded on via tweet, complaining about the media jumping on Tesla at any given chance whenever a crash occurs, does he have a point? 

Alphabet gets a D (E F G… sorry!)

The guys out at Microsoft have been following the business strategies I told them in my dreams and as a result are now more valuable than Alphabet (Parent company of Google), by about $10 billion. 

BBC for the win

One football related fact. Wouldn’t be a conversation with me without one.

The Beeb, as we all know, have been at the forefront of cutting edge technology (with its 55 Local and National radio stations), but they’ve actually done something pretty cool here.

They will stream “dozens” of FIFA World Cup games in 4K, through their iPlayer. Which means we can see each individual tear from the young England fan, when he realises Kane’s on set plays again.

That’s me for now, until next time!