Week In Tech: It’s A Boy!

Another royal baby. Who even remembered she was pregnant?!? This week we ask: What does the birth of a new #royalbaby mean for the UK’s technology industry?

Only joking…we have some real tech news for you:

Barclays and PayPal combine account services

That’s one way of removing the need to pay by card: simply allow your cards to be used incredibly easily via PayPal. This new update, which has been made possible by PSD2, is aimed at the SME and consumer market at first. PayPal is also about to offer its clients banking options further blurring the line between fintech and ‘traditional’ banking.  

Seven main UK banks targeted by co-ordinated cyber attack

Roll up, roll up. Come and get your cyber-attacks, 11 quid each. Even though the software is incredible cheap to rent, the overall damage cost the banks hundreds of thousands of pounds. This has come to light as the details of an investigation into shutting down Webstresser have been released.

Hotel door locks worldwide were vulnerable to hack

A 20-year-old tech product is finally out of date – essentially meaning than anyone could get a master key to a hotel that uses these types of locks. To be fair, just the fact that a tech product is 20-years-old is pretty impressive.

Jeff Bezos: the boy who wanted to colonise space

Sometimes it is best to just take the risk. This mini-biography runs through some of the key decisions that Jeff Bezos has made during his life. Quite an eye opener and doesn’t make you feel that jealous! (10 minute read).