The Week in Tech: 45% of top B2B brands worldwide are tech companies

Top 20 most valuable B2B brands in the world revealed

BrandZ’s report of the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2017 has just been published, with tech brands featuring heavily in the top 10. Assessing the overall brand value of the top global companies, Google ranked top at $245,581M, followed by Apple at $234,671M. Microsoft took the bronze, with $143,222M, but ranked top overall as the most valuable B2B brand, increasing its total brand value year-on-year by 18%.

Many non-voters would vote if they could do it online

A survey conducted by broadband advice site,, prior to yesterday’s general election, revealed that two-fifths of people who were not planning on voting, would actually have done so if electronic voting was in place. The majority were aged 35-44 years old, with 64% of this age group admitting that voting online would increase the possibility of them taking part. In total, 1,445 of those surveyed said they intended to vote, whilst 245 declared they wouldn’t, and 56 were unsure.

London is home to more of the hottest fintech startups than ever before

‘FinTech50’ is an annual list of the hottest fintech companies in Europe and this year, 31 out of the 50 firms are based in London, with 33 hailing from the UK. Industry experts from global firms such as Microsoft, Index Ventures and Santander decided the list, with another 10 start-ups (six of which are British) selected to be inducted into the “Fintech50 Hall of Fame”. Such brands include Transferwise, Zopa, WorldRemit and Funding Circle.

Ignoring GDPR until it becomes enforceable in 2018 could be a costly mistake

If you’ve been reading our blogs lately, you’re probably well aware that the one year countdown until GDPR comes into effect has officially begun. This means that all companies that handle customer data will need to get themselves aligned with the new regulations before the May 2018 deadline. Failure to do so could result in fines of up to 4% of their annual turnover. This article outlines the twelve steps that companies need to take ahead of GDPR, as recommended by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Who should I vote for? Google reveals top searches as Britain votes during general election

Google has released the most searched for election keywords, as Britain went to the polls this week. Interestingly, “Who should I vote for” was the top search, just ahead of “What is a hung parliament?” and “Who won the debate?”. The Labour Party gained a 51% share of total searches, far ahead of the Conservative Party, which garnered 21%. The most searched for political leader was Jeremy Corbyn, followed by Theresa May, Tim Farron, Nicola Sturgeon and Paul Nuttall, respectively.