The Week in Tech: Dawn of the robots – are humans ready?

If you’re like me, you already feel like timeless classics such as Tron (the original, not the sub-par version released in recent years) The Terminator, and of course iRobot have prepared us for the upcoming battle between human vs robots. Did you know its projected that 40% of ALL jobs will be lost to automation in 2020? Or that Facebook AI developers had to manually shut down 2 AIs because they created their own language and went rogue? I personally feel like we humans have made leaps and bounds in the development of robots and Ai in general, but are we prepared for what’s to come? Check out the latest developments in the tech world on the war between humans and robots here:

Read the Letter Elon Musk Signed Asking World Leaders to Curb Killer Robots

Considered one of the revolutionaries of our time, Elon Musk and more than 100 leaders in the AI and robotics space pens an open letter to World Leaders asking them to limit the number of autonomous weapons deployed for war as it could lead to misuse of the weapon or even worse – total robot devastation! I don’t know about you but, I’d rather not fight a rogue Siri in the near future.

Microsoft tests motorless AI ‘sailplane’ that seeks out invisible heat like a bird to fly over long distances

Major tech player, Microsoft, is currently developing an AI sailplane that can autonomously find thermals in order stay in the air for long distances – just like a bird! Instead of a motor, the glider relies on an AI that mimics how birds fly and detects invisible columns of air that can keep the device in the sky due to heat. While this is still in its early stages, Microsoft plan to develop this to a point where the sailplanes will be able to stay in the air forever.

Disney Is Developing an AI That Can Judge What Makes For a Truly Great Story

Calling all screenwriters! Artificial intelligence is coming for your jobs! Disney is currently developing an AI engine that can judge whether a short works of fiction is good or bad. With Disney researchers already plugging more the 28,000 answers from Quora, the AI can already decide what is a great bed time story and what tales should never see the light of day – pretty cool! I can’t wait to see the latest updates of this AI as it matures.

Amazon Has Developed an AI Fashion Designer

Hide yo’ kids! Hide yo’ wives! Amazon is making waves in the AI world, this time disrupting the fashion industry! With the tech giant already making strides in AI development, they’ve decided to develop a fashion designer AI! While Amazon aren’t quite notable figures in the fashion industry yet, their machine-learning systems can help provide a leg-up when spotting and reacting to the latest fashion trends.