The Week In Tech: Deadly data

Senior Account Manager Rob Latham has been scouring the matrix to bring us the biggest data stories. In the week that marks DEF CON and Black Hat 2017 conferences.

Revealed: 779 cases of data misuse across 34 British police forces

A freedom-of-information request into the UK police force has uncovered a high number of data misuse cases. The force is, however, taking steps to improve systems and assure the public they have control over data usage.

GDPR confusion is still widespread – but Brexit is no excuse

GDPR is still misunderstood by many businesses. Data rules need to be examined in detail and new definitions thoroughly understood by all stakeholders that are overseeing companies’ GDPR implementation.

IBM kills off its first cloud storage platform

Bluemix V1 and V2 are being turned off! Though relatively new, IBM are urging customers to move to Bluemix’s Object Store V3 before 24th August. The lack of time for businesses to migrate is giving a few IT Pros a headache, but IBM are fully supporting clients and offering guidance to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Shoddy data-stripping exposes firms to hack attacks

Website data is a disaster waiting to happen. A report by security firm Glasswall into easily accessible website documents, images and files has uncovered that a huge volume of staff and user data is too easy to access from the public internet – and could then be used to craft attacks on senior staff.