Week In Tech: The digital revolution…and chickens

It might be a short working week but that doesn’t stop the tech news rolling in. I am looking forward to some EasTech (Easter Tech) developments of the 4 day weekend!

Twitter bans cryptocurrency ads

Twitter has followed Facebook and Google by banning cryptocurrency ads relating to ICOs and token sales. The idea is to keep us safe, by limiting channels scammers can use.

Report finds outages caused by bees, chickens, sailboats

The mind bogles! Eaton’s Blackout Tracker has highlighted some unusual causes of blackouts. No animals were harmed in the making of this news.

Digital currency ‘inevitable’ – Bank of China

Digital currencies might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you might not be able to buy a cuppa in future if you don’t conform. Even though China banned cryptocurrency trading, economist Zhou Xiaochua previously of the Bank of China is under no illusion that the future is digital.

KBC reveals plans for unmanned branches

Belgian bank KBC is planning to convert 66 locations to be unmanned. Already proven to work in the US, KBC has noticed a trend in customers converting to communication by digital channels so is giving the customer what it wants!