Week In Tech: Money, Money, Money

Let’s talk money. In particular, lets talk payment methods. From Apple Pay, to WeChat pay; the fact that you can have a bank account without a bank, to Facebook allowing you to share money with your friends through Messenger, they way we pay is rapidly changing.

But in a society that is so integrated with the digital, should we really have such a cross over between payments and social, where your card is linked to every app you have? Maybe. Convenience can be a cruel mistress though.

Filter this – Instagram to have in app payments

Innovation is the bane of a business’s existence. But if you are a billion dollar photo sharing app, how do you push past your peak? Well, you offer everyone something that they already have, with a twist.

Instagram has added a native payment feature for certain users. This will allow users to make purchases in apps, added to the fact that the app allows users to make bookings with businesses, such as dinner reservations (with limited partners/ access). Soon, the app will allow people to book movie tickets too.

Google Pay stepping it up

Google announced that its payment feature – which saw Android Pay and Google Wallet join together to become Google Pay – will be available for shoppers using Chrome, Safari and Firefox, no matter their device.

Once a card has been added to Google Pay, users won’t need to enter their payment info again – even if it is the first time access a site.

Next stop: world domination

Apple Pay has spread its reach, now available in 19 European markets, and 30 markets globally. The latest to be added to the list is Norway, Poland and the Ukraine. The increase has been bolstered by the acceptance of use of the app in large public transport markets such as Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing.

According to the company, the number of active users doubled in the year to end-march.