Week In Tech: Who needs data protection anyway?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: tech is both a blessing and a curse all at the same time. To highlight my point please direct your self here where you can learn more about the Dixons Carphone’s data breach. According to reports, 5.9 million bank cards were accessed – though good ol’ chip and pin have seemed to keep consumers money safe. This isn’t the first major breach they have had though, as Carphone Warehouse was subject to a £400,000 fine for a 2015 data breach. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office said it is monitoring this latest failing of the merged companies very closely.  

Online problems will cost you

…so warned Nicky Morgan, chairwoman of the Treasury select committee. Morgan warned that banks who continue to push customers towards digital services and away from physical branches, will now face harsher penalties for online failures.

Her comments come off the back of her call for TSB to consider the future of Paul Pester, its chief executive. Banks and institutions “cannot afford to lose the trust of customers through data breaches or mishandling of personal data,” Morgan said.

She went on to say that whatever the benefits, there will be a group of customers who insist on using cash, and who will want to continue to access branch services and want to use cheques. Morgan said that “as digitisation becomes more pervasive, this group will appear commercially less attractive to serve, but they must not be left behind.”

Plugging the skills gap hole

It’s no secret that apprentices get a bad rap with many people still considering apprenticeships to be the lesser option compared to university. As Wired highlights: the UK has been struggling to make apprenticeships work for decades. But with the growing skills gap also causing havoc, one startup is looking to fix both problems with one fell swoop.

WhiteHat has partnered with a coding school to help pair non-graduates keen on a tech career with firms in the sector and teach them to code. The co-founder, Euan Blair’s goal is to have apprenticeships outflank the best universities. “We want to create an outstanding alternative to university. With the tech skills gap, which is being exacerbated by Brexit, we need to fill the pipeline of talent,” said Blair.

Tesla is giving rockets a run for their money with their crash and burn antics

This comes as news of Tesla laying off 9% of its staff – or about 3000 jobs – amid much needed reorganisation, according to Elon Musk. As the 15-year-old company has never turned a profit, Musk emphasised that to keep with their mission of “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable, clean energy,” they will need more money in the bank. Don’t we all.