Week in Tech: It’s not what you think

Clickbait is always just, well, a click away and this week we’re looking at negative headlines with positive stories, because who doesn’t love a happy ending? Delve into some social savviness, some smart solar and some sustainable spicy tuna.

Snapchat: What’s that?

We can’t deny the demise of Snapchat; It’s dying. Snapchat used to be name dropped as the go-to app for millennials and new figures are revealing that the show may be over. It’s lost a whopping 3 million daily active users in one quarter. But, as if by magic, (programmatic advertising) sales are up and more brands have partnered with Snap to drive their campaigns. Sorry Kylie Jenner, maybe it’s not the end for Snap after all.

Talk about flight delay…

A trip to Australia will roughly take you 23 hours, but try a flight that lasts 26 days, and better yet, using solar energy only. The maiden flight from a solar-powered aircraft was conducted by Airbus and has now been deemed the longest duration flight ever made. Don’t think that will sound great for a BA advert, but definitely represents a milestone for what solar can do!

Spicy dolphin roll anyone?

It might be time to hold off on ordering that spicy tuna roll for your next lunch, and it’s not just to save the tuna fish. You could be saving sharks, whales and our besties the dolphins too. But lucky for you, tech is here to make you feel less guilty. Researchers are developing a new computer model to help determine where fisherman are most likely to catch species each month to avoid catching our favourite friends. Maybe still hold off on the spicy tuna though.