Week In Tech: Old habits die hard

Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999. Everything has gone a bit retro! Prince is back in the charts, Nokia have a phone out and we are talking about phone boxes…

Did Russia hack the Olympics? 

It’s snowed, someone’s been hacked, and we’re pointing fingers at Russia. So, it’s safe to say we’re in the Cold war era. This story has been overall, such a mystery (see we’re definitely in the cold war!?), and it’s changed 100 times. The 2018 Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang were hit by a cyberattack when local Wi-Fi was down, the website crashed hindering ticket sales and technical glitches hindered systems. First security researchers just thought that a bunch of hackers wanted to disrupt the games and not actually extract data, but we’ve now taken a full 180 and it’s being claimed that Russian military spies hacked the Olympics, compromised 300 computers and then tried to blame North Korea. Awkward.  

Nokia’s banana phone from The Matrix is back

Yes, the indestructible brick phone, the snake game phone, your gran’s phone. It’s Nokia, and it’s back. In a latest blast from the past release, Nokia have decided that after 22 years it was time to bring back the slider banana phone made famous in the Matrix film. And as if they couldn’t get any more innovative, yes, you can get it in yellow. It is spruced up though; with dual rear cameras, wireless charging and a price of €79 it comes pretty cheap. Apparently, it’s supposed to offer durability and near impossibility to bend by hand, it has Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter but most crucially, you can play snake on it. It’s not going to outperform the latest smartphones, but it does have a battery that can last for days. Is it enough for you to make the switch? Or the slide?…

Stop replacing London’s phone boxes with corporate surveillance

Ah, the phone box, the unofficial public toilet and the holy grail for tourists. It’s getting a complete revamp. BT has announced that they’re going to reinvent the famous red boxes with super-fast Wi-Fi, free calls, and chargers. But there’s a catch, and no it’s not on the door.

Once users connect to these new style phone boxes they’ll be allowing access to be identified and tracked around London town. How does it work? As per usual, you connect to the network, accept all gazillion of the terms, and BAM, you’re now being stalked by three companies, advertisers, and other partners who help understand users for targeted marketing.

For those not really worried about being followed (who doesn’t love a bit of attention!?), don’t worry, there’ll still be fewer of these than traditional phone boxes…it lives on!