Week In Tech: Predicting the future

We are no stranger to the news of Artificial Intelligence (AI) whether it will bring about the age of robot overlords, change the way we work or make everything even easier for us. With the constant updates around AI and the new gadgets that have come out, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd of it all, so we have put together a quick update for the week. 

Looking into the crystal ball of recruitment  

Trying to stay ahead of the curve when you don’t even know which way the curve is going is no easy feat. Step in AI: with super computers able to crunch data and make connections that you didn’t even know there were in the first place, AI is looking to transform the recruitment industry.

UK recruiters are looking at developing technology that will allow them to offer people jobs before they even start to look for one. The AI will be able to identify someone who is about to begin their job hunt, allowing the company to get in touch with them with relevant roles.

One swipe away from disaster 

With our lives ever more connected, and linked through various accounts, the threat of cyber fraud increases. Naturally, as our methods of detection and prevention become more sophisticated, so do cyber criminal’s methods in obtaining our data.

According to Trustwave cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, organised and methodical when it comes to stealing not only your data, but your hard-earned cash too. Last year payment card data was the number one source of cyber fraud, making up 40% of total incidents.

The 2018 Trustwave Global Security Report showed that the retail sector suffered the most breach incidences, at 16.7%. This was then followed by the finance and insurance industry at 13.1%, and hospitality at 11.9%.

Shopping: a whole new world awaits  

First came the advent of cashier-less checkouts, which, even with their too loud automated voices, and constantly warning you about ‘items in the checkout area’, are great for quick buys, and those of us who really don’t want to deal with small talk at the grocery store.

Then came the news of Amazon Go: checkout-free shopping, where, you ‘swipe’ into the store with your Amazon Go app, placing items in your basket that are then automatically paid for when you walk out of the store.

Enter Sainsbury’s who is looking to offer an Amazon Go-like service too, allowing customers to scan and pay for goods with a new mobile app. Reportedly, the app is being trialled at Sainsbury’s London Euston.

The world is AI’s oyster, allowing those amongst us with enough tech-savvy skills to make every facet of life as simple as downloading an app.