The Week in Tech: “Register to vote” Snapchat selfie

This week’s news was dominated by the high profile cyber-attack on the NHS and other global institutions. We explore the knock-on effect it’s had on the rest of the industry, plus we’ve picked out the other top tech and marketing stories that we felt were also worth a read.

WannaCry ransomware cyber attack: A final warning for banks and fintech

If security was one of the major concerns for both banks and fintech institutions, it may well have just become their number one priority. Following one of the largest cyber-attacks in recent history, affecting more than 150 countries, the virtual security threat has never been higher. This issue came to light a few months ago by the US Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, who warned businesses about the multiplication of ransomware attacks by using government identities (such as their logos) to con victims into been fined for “noncompliance”.

Over a quarter of marketers don’t adapt content for foreign markets

A study exploring the challenges businesses face when “going global” has found that 26% of B2B marketers haven’t adapted their content for foreign markets, despite the fact that 66% of respondents actually operate in them. Marketers admitted they would rather spend more time planning campaigns than translating content. Although they’re well aware of the importance of adapting content for other markets, apparently a lack of time and resources to focus on it hinders them.

GDPR: Publishers and martech will rely on each other

GDPR has been a recurrent topic in the news agenda over the past few weeks, with the clock ticking down to the date it comes into effect, 25th May 2018. For martech businesses, the time is now to start getting ready in order to comply with the new requirements. Quite simply, those that take the time to prepare for it and embrace the new changes will thrive. This article provides a summary of what martech providers need to be doing to get themselves ready with just over a year to go.

Snapchat will remind you to vote to get younger generation to the polls

In the first partnership of its kind, Snapchat and the Electoral Commission have teamed up in an attempt to encourage younger audiences to register to vote for the upcoming election. Snapchat has created a “Register to vote” filter, which is now available to 10 million Snapchat users across the country. Statistically speaking, 30% of the younger generation are not registered to vote, compared to just 5% of their older counterparts. Pre-Snapchat filters, Facebook attempted to push people to the polls, sending reminders to users to register for the 2015 General Election.