The Week In Tech: Security in the spotlight

Account Manager Jay Jay Merrall-Wyre turns the spotlight onto the industrial control system security market.

Hackers target Irish energy networks amid fears of further cyber attacks on UK’s crucial infrastructure

Ireland’s National Cyber Security Centre is investigating a cyber attack attempt which was targeted at the Electricity Supply Board (ESB), an organisation that supplies both Northern Ireland and Eire with power. The breach attempt did not cause any particular disruption to the network but may have allowed hackers to steal passwords and other information. This targeted attempt comes on the back of hacking news at the start of July, where hackers have been reported to be targeting computer networks of companies that operate nuclear power plants, manufacturing facilities, as well as other energy firms across the US and other countries.

Petya cyber-attack still disrupting firms weeks later

The most recent and detrimental global cyber attack utilising ransomware, named Petya, is still negatively impacting the organisations it managed to breach with many businesses still struggling to return operations to normal. Organisations that were breached as a whole, with particular mention to global shipping giant Maersk, have been praised for their transparency and response during the crisis.

GCHQ cyber squad believes hackers may have compromised UK energy grid targets

The cyber security arm of the GCHQ, National Cyber Security Centre, has issued a warning the UK’s energy sector is the latest target and focus area for hackers – focusing specifically on the supply chain for Britain’s critical infrastructure. The investigation has been sparked as a result of a global hacking focus on critical infrastructure, namely after US authorities recently disclosed that hackers are targeting American nuclear power plants.

Industrial Control Systems Security Market To Reach $13.8 Billion By 2022 – Exponential Rise In Cyber-Attacks & Network Security Threats

A recent report from Research and Markets that investigated the industrial control system security market uncovered that the market is expected to grow from USD 10.24 Billion in 2017 to USD 13.88 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.3%. In line with recent hacking news stories and devoted attempts to target national infrastructure such as the “Oil Rig” hacking group, the growth of this sector is forecasted to be exponential.

Two Iranians Charged with Hacking US Defence Technology Maker

With continued momentum placed on hacking attempts targeting critical infrastructure as well as the businesses supplying them, further news from this week highlights two perpetrators that have been charged with hacking US defence technology provider Arrow Tech. Arrow Tech’s primary product that was targeted was PRODAS, a piece of proprietary software that assists users in aerodynamics analysis and design for projectiles, from bullets to GPS guided artillery shells.