Week In Tech: Tech Goes Rogue

We all love tech. Hungover and want to order KFC at a click of a button? There’s tech for that. Need your 80’s fancy dress costume delivered the same day? Tech for that. Want to know what your baby with Jake Gyllenhaal would look like? There’s even tech for that. But this Week in Tech blog shows that as amazing as it is, it’s not always perfect!

Awkward, Samsung phones have a mind of their own

Samsung phones have reportedly been sending photos to random contacts without the phone owners consent. Users posted complaints on Reddit and Samsung’s support forums about this strange issue.  To add to the weirdness of it all, the messaging app apparently doesn’t show any sign of sending the photos, meaning the owner is completely unaware of this suspicious picture sending.  I mean, is it just me or does this all sound like someone has come up with a really good excuse for their bad behaviour after a few drinks on Saturday night?

What secrets does your TV know?

More tech going rogue – rumour has it that million of Smart TV’s are tracking everything we watch in our homes. A New York Times report on Samba TV showed that 90% of people decide to opt-in for the option for personalised recommendations.  Little do these unsuspecting participants know that this enables smart TV’s to track everything they watch on screen and Samba TV have even been reportedly offering information on whether the users watch liberal or conservative media outlets. Scary stuff, but what I bet you’re really thinking is “I hope no one finds out about my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills addiction.”

Keep calm, it’s coming home

Finally, it’s all getting a bit tense in England. Will the trains ever run normally again? Will Jack and Dani stay together on Love Island? Will England win the World Cup? But these stress levels are causing fitness trackers to panic. Apple watches warned England fans across the nation that their heart rate was reaching dangerous levels during the tense penalty shootout on Tuesday night. Charts taken from data on the trackers saw heart rates to be beating twice as fast as expected! So, bear that in mind this Saturday during the England v Sweden game… Maybe try some yoga? Deep breathing? No? Never-mind then.