The Week in Tech: How technology is powering retail customer experience

The Week in Tech: How technology is powering retail customer experience


This week I have been investigating why my wardrobe is overflowing with clothes and shoes… the answer is retailers are becoming smarter in their technology encouraging me to buy more clothes and shoes! (I’m definitely not complaining)

Check out the latest developments in the world of retail technology:

Rise of the robots: Four in five retail jobs at risk of “vanishing” to automation 

Analysts at a top investment bank believe that four in five retail jobs that don’t directly involve customers are at risk of being replaced by robots, as more people shop online instead of the high street.

How Tech Innovation Is Changing The Way We Shop

The way consumers source, purchase, pay for, collect and receive goods is changing due to the innovation of technology. Retailers have already begun to take full advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) through voice activated shopping, ‘bots’ delivering sophisticated automated customer service responses and intelligence-led segmentation and promotion of products on ecommerce sites.

ASOS to steal retail crown off M&S for first time

ASOS, climbed to be worth £4.93bn – compared with M&S’s £5.05bn. It’s the closest the insurgent has ever been to overthrowing the British bastion. ASOS has always been – and continues to be – a pioneer in fashion technology, it’s easy to see why. Earlier this month ASOS launched its breakthrough ‘image search’ tool – a feature that lets you snap or upload a pic of the item you like, and shop similar designs. In doing so, it’s ahead of the curve, setting a new higher standard for the entire online shopping industry.

Retailers focus on experience to compete in a digital world

Ever since the days of the Tesco Clubcard, retailers have been alive to the opportunities created by knowing more about customers and their shopping habits. But in the digital age, retailers need to think about using insights from digital technology that makes it possible to craft tailored experiences and offers for their target customers.

Seven in 10 want artificial intelligence to transform their shopping experience: study

New research suggests that 70% of consumers both know about artificial intelligence-based (AI) technologies and believe they can transform their shopping experience – but 66% have yet to come across them in a retail environment. Some 67% believe that putting technologies such as AI or AR (augmented reality) in place should be a priority for retailers in order to improve their in-store shopping experiences and to make them more convenient, a survey from Vista Retail Support found.