Week in Tech: All Things Weird and Wonderful

Sometimes, tech doesn’t have to be for the good of mankind. Sometimes, technology can just be for the sake of showing off or taking the mick. From elaborate cryptocurrency scams to creative technologists just having a laugh, here’s this week’s pick of the best tech news.

Where’s Wally?

What were we put on this earth to do – find love, money, success… Wally? This one robot has been created with the sole purpose of picking the elusive character out of a crowd using AI, and then pointing at him with a robotic arm. Much like the poor butter robot from Rick and Morty, we wonder how it might feel if it gains sentience.

Do robots have soles?

Speaking of robots with one purpose, University of California Davis students were challenged to make something with a ‘shoestring budget’ – get it? The result is a machine that ties a shoelace, bunny-ear style. Quite impressive with only a $600 (£471.85) budget, but I’d rather just spend that money on some velcros and avoid the effort.

Buried treasure

Here’s a scam that really took a lot of effort. The Dmitrii Donskoi ship sank during the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War off of a Korean island. Over the years, rumours emerged that the ship contained lost treasure. Last month, the South Korean company claimed to have found the ship AND a treasure box on board. The company further announced plans to apply for salvaging rights from the South Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. The police suspect that the company attempted to sell investors cryptocurrency based on the proposed value of the shipwreck, and those who invested to receive portions of the money from the treasure were buying its cryptocurrency.

Shadowfax, show us the meaning of haste

Frankly, the price of commuting is appalling. Life is too short for spending hundreds on monthly travelcards – why not live it to the fullest by building a homemade electric rollersuit and zooming through the congestion zone with no regards to your personal safety. A man in China has done just that, and was captured on film taking his suit out for a spin on a highway before being caught by the police.