Wellness at Octopus Group

One of our HR initiatives for 2017 was to introduce wellness in the workplace. Being a bit of a yogi and health freak myself, this was a super exciting project for me to get my teeth into and something I think should be introduced in all working environments. To me, a healthy body and healthy mind makes for a happy person.

We’ve held three wellness days this year, which have involved a range of; yoga classes, reflexology sessions, massage sessions, spine and posture checks. Plus, a series of mindfulness sessions to help with stress in the workplace. All these sessions take place in the office throughout the day, giving employees a chance to escape their busy and demanding working day and move away from the norm of sitting down staring at their computer screen! There are also a range of healthy snacks which we provide through the day. The showstopper of wellness day is our smoothie bar, where fruit, veg and a Nutribullet are provided to make any of the 5 chosen smoothie recipes.

This was a major initiative for Kavita (Head of Talent) and myself as we strongly believe in the importance of wellbeing as a way to promote a healthy work/life balance. We care about our employees beyond the 4 walls of our office, which creates a unique office environment that feels like a home away from home. It is important for us to create a culture-first mentality where we put our employee’s wellbeing and happiness at the heart of what we do.

Wellness days are designed to improve health, energy and performance. People are often saying they don’t have enough time to concentrate on their mental health or fit in exercise, therefore by bringing it to the workplace our employees have no excuse but to participate. We hope this will also remind them of the importance of putting their health at the centre of what they do, and encourage employees to engage in wellness exercises more frequently outside the workplace.

Our wellness days have been a great success in 2017 and something all our staff look forward too. It’s a break in the usual office routine, and we see the same faces going back for treatments each time – which can only mean they enjoyed it!

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