What do US companies really think of UK ones?

On 4th July, Independence Day to those in USA, I went to an event called “American Hustle: How US Markets View UK Companies” – here are some bite-size key learnings about how our friends across the pond view British businesses.

The event was hosted by global law firm Squire Patton Boggs and took place at the firm’s London office.

Lawyer Dale Huxford (an American ex-pat himself) researched the topic through his network of VCs, angel investor and executives, asking them about how they perceived UK businesses. During the seminar he talked through the research findings, which included:

  • UK investment opportunities were considered ‘Bearish’ (options includes ‘Bearish’, ‘Bullish’, ‘Opportunistic’ and ‘None of the above’)
  • UK FinTech was noted as a strength area, as was B2B
  • The consumer market in the UK is viewed as lagging behind the US and Asia. (Asia we especially lag behind in the mobile space, which is a booming sector)
  • The UK is seen as having great talent pool, but the regulatory environment is a turn off (perhaps the Brexit decision might have a bearing on this!)
  • Language and culture are both seen as minor barriers, which seems ironic…then again those in the US say we speak British English over here!


Learnings from this research:

  • Market nuance should not be overlooked. Having an expert on the ground in each country is a good plan!
  • We have calved out a niche in the UK for FinTech and B2B, so let’s ride that wave
  • Once we know want Brexit means for us, let’s make sure the rest of the world does too!

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