What generates more leads, blogs or trade shows?

A snapshot of how information sources differ for SME and Enterprise tech buyers. There’s a big cultural difference between SMEs and enterprise [large] organisations. A newly published cut of our Tech Heads research shows that this culture manifests in some distinct preferences for sources of information that inform tech buying decisions. The standout difference is that SMEs are more likely to see blogs as a valuable source of information than enterprises, whilst larger businesses place much more importance on trade shows than their smaller cousins. How do information sources differ for SME and Enterprise tech buyers The model above shows the degree of variance between SME and Enterprise where those respondents have stated that these sources will become more influential over the next 12 months. The chart below shows the percentage of IT decision makers stating each category would increase in importance for them. How do information sources differ for SME and Enterprise tech buyers pic 2 For tech vendors, trade shows come in for a hard time when planning marketing investment for the year. Our general experience is that clients are weaning themselves off long lists of ‘must attend’ events and being more selective about what physical events they support. The issue of cost is a big driver of preference for tech buyers. Trade shows generally cost money to attend, blogs are generally free to access. Simple maths there, then! But is there a bigger picture here? Trade shows represent ‘traditional’ marketing, whilst blogging is the cornerstone of an inbound model. Does this picture actually tell us that large businesses resist ‘getting on the digital bus?’ We think so. The SMB world is nimble, hungry and vulnerable. Enterprises are conservative, political and insular. It shapes the entire commercial approach to buying and, as shown in our data, influences where people go for information. So, as a B2B marketer:

  • Do you focus on your blog or your events calendar?
  • Are your clients lanyard-wearing floor walkers, or digital denizens?
  • Is your marketing mix mapped to the right people?

If the answer to any of these questions is…’erm…dunno?’…you are not alone. At the same time, it should be something you have a handle on and, if not, we’d like to help you along the way. Why not try our Content Marketing Diagnostic.