What’s the secret to event success? 4 tips to keep yours on track

Each week our teams are challenged with organising and managing different events for our clients. It’s no secret that within our industry these can come in all different shapes and sizes – whether it’s for a product launch, a trade show or a networking evening to attract an audience of media, prospects or customers.

While all these events take differing forms, they all share the same ingredients to success.

With a background specialising in events, I thought I’d share my tips to ensure that – even at short notice – yours can be a success.


A brief lands on your lap, so what do you do? Before you start making any phone calls and securing arrangements, you need a plan. Think carefully about your audience, the style of event you’re going for and the size. Pull together a plan, and get buy-in from all stakeholders.


When arranging events, particularly larger trade shows, costs can quickly escalate – you organise the booth builder, you need some design, the team needs to travel, you want a welcome lunch…before you know it the budget is gone.

Have a clear budget at the outset, and realistically assign pots to each of your expected costs. Most importantly, don’t forget to set aside funds for any unexpected expenses that may occur.

Regular Contact

Numerous stakeholders are involved in organising and executing a successful event. The client, suppliers, attendees…the list goes on.

Having regular contact with each of these is crucial. Set up calls where necessary and assign an event lead to all events regardless of size. The role of this person is important – they need to oversee the plan, project manage the whole process and ensure all deadlines are met and within budget.


This is the classic clipboard moment. You’re nearly there and the event is imminent, so take the fail safe approach and run through your list of actions so you can ensure you haven’t missed anything off the list. Check!

Following these few basic points will put you in good stead when it comes to planning and executing events.