Why is Octopus Group (really) the Tech Agency of the Year?

We’re excited to announce that Octopus Group was declared Technology Agency of the Year at the PR Moment Awards last week. We talk all the time internally about how OG is on to something really special, but it’s great when that gets recognised by our peers and others in the industry who we respect.

So, without second guessing the judges, why do we think we won?

Over the past five years, we’ve transformed from a PR specialist into an integrated marketing agency that specialises in helping tech brands. We trademarked an original ‘Brand to Sales’ approach that now permeates all aspects of our business and our work, and which continues to land with tech CMOs and comms directors.

2018 was a particularly exciting year for us as we snagged diverse, global marketing briefs from some of the most exciting tech firms out there, while maintaining our reputation as one of the best places to work in our industry.

It also happened to be our most commercially successful and profitable year to date.

Our Brand to Sales approach means that we deliver a full suite of marketing services to our clients, whatever stage they’re at. And the majority of our clients now make use of multiple services, delivered under single account management structure. Our integrated way of working has made us an attractive agency to work for, as well as with.

The Brand to Sales Academy puts our ethos into practice every day. It’s a multi-module, year-long training programme for all our employees to complete, regardless of level and experience. The Academy includes taught modules by in-house experts, as well as accreditation on key platforms like Google Analytics, LinkedIn and HubSpot. It’s been so successful we plan to open it up to our clients in 2019.

Our clients tell us that our breadth of work and our focus on commercial objectives is unusual, that’s why they buy into what we do. While the rest of the PR sector continues to debate what PR means today, we have built our entire business around fast-growth tech brands outsourcing their entire marketing offering to us, all based on the best PR techniques and thinking, but with a steely commercial edge. To us, PR most definitely has a ‘seat at the table’.

But there is one thing that is hard to capture in an award submission, and it might be the real reason that we won this award. Bravery, determination, commitment, teamwork, experimentation and a willingness to put our necks on the line and remain true to what we think is important. To change direction, to compete against bigger more experienced agencies and to dare to be a bit different.

If there was an award for all that, we’d have won it long ago.

Our PR Moment Award is just the start of this chapter for OG. We’ve got a Big Hairy Audacious Goal to do something different in the technology sector, and we’re sticking to that. But it’s nice to know that we’re getting noticed along the way.