Why is selling IT like booking a family holiday?

There is an art to selling. There is a science. However, day to day, it’s mostly toil! “1% innovation, 99% perspiration,” as someone once said (about something?). What’s making it harder these days?

Talking to sales people about selling is always a good thing to do. Talking to buyers about buying is even better. As marketers, we probably don’t do enough of either. As we’re addicted to research at Octopus Group, there are several points in the year when we ask people about their views on marketing, information and sales. B2Buyology is a research project that looks at how IT buyers buy stuff and what they think about being sold to. For the details, we have a great report summary for you to peruse.

The three key points in the data are to recognise that, increasingly, IT sells to multiple buyers and the decision making process is more complex, that selling to specific business needs is a must to catch attention and that, thankfully, buyers value good marketing. They think it works! The trouble is that the quality of what they experience as ‘being marketed to’ is not that great, buy hey, at least that gives us something to aim for!

As thoughts turn to summer breaks and sales people gulp at the summer ‘lull’ that’s about the clobber the pipeline, there’s also a nice anecdote about IT sales being a bit like booking a family holiday. Data, anecdotes, real opinions of real customers. How could anyone resist? Pass the sun cream! A recent study undertaken by our research brand, Loudhouse, has some key learnings about buying trends in the IT sector.