Women in Tech: How to improve your personal brand

At this month’s Women in Tech event, held at the Octopus Group offices, Stacey Torman, Head of PR and Communications at Salesforce EMEA, spoke about embracing and activating your personal brand.

The Salesforce Trailblazer Community event, sponsored by Octopus Group and Cloudcall, drew a crowd of 50+ female tech experts (and a handful of male allies).

Stacey asked people in the audience to think about the positives attributes that make up their own personal brands. She also spoke to the importance of being authentic at work, while remaining professional. She identified some guidelines for an improved personal brand:

1. Be self-aware
2. Define three values for your work brand: what you do, who you are, and how
3. Find a mentor
4. Keep a journal
5. Use V2MOM (vision, values, methods, obstacles and measures)
6. Read. Learn. Ask.
7. Network

Salesforce specialist and Solution Engineer at ShellBlack.com, Jodi Wagner also spoke at the evening event. She encourages women in tech, in particular, to advocate for themselves via her hashtag #IamRemarkable. She addressed the awkwardness that many experience when advocating for themselves in work situations, such as during negotiations for a pay rise or promotion. ‘It’s not bragging if it’s based on fact,’ she said, encouraging women to turn up to meetings of this kind armed with facts and figures that they can use to demonstrate effectiveness.

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The Women in Tech group describes itself as: ‘A place to gather and talk about hot topics around Women in Tech, career paths, networking and knowledge sharing in a friendly and supportive environment. All are welcome to share and support.’

It says: ‘This is an informal group with a blend of formal topics and speakers as well as less formal knowledge sharing.’