The WP Engine is firing on all cylinders

There’s lots of things I love about working at Octopus Group, and one of the best things is getting the chance to work with some amazing, inspiring, fast-growth brands. There’s nothing quite like partnering with a company at an early stage of its development and going on the journey with them as they grow their sales, headcount, reputation and ambitions.

It’s always a fascinating and energising experience to work with comms and marketing directors – and their leadership teams – to make the most of their successes…and navigate the occasional choppy waters that every fast growth business inevitably encounters. It’s certainly not something for the faint-hearted.

Those times when the fruit of our collective labour (after all – OG is basically part of the team, we work so closely with them) becomes apparent and it’s hugely satisfying. It may be a client filling for an IPO, getting acquired or reaching a milestone moment that was one of their original key KPIs for success.

This feel-good moment happened to me recently when we released a momentum statement from Octopus Group client, WP Engine – a really dynamic fast-growth tech business HQ’d in Austin, Texas. WP Engine helps brands and creative agencies deliver amazing digital experiences via the WordPress platform.

In its momentum release, WP Engine talks about being named company of the year, surpassing 70,000 customers(!), recognised as a best place to work and 42 percent year-over-year customer growth in 2016. Not too shabby, eh?!

When we started working with WP Engine just under three years ago, these types of achievements were part of the mission, but there was lots to do to make it happen – and lots that could have gone wrong along the way. But a great product, brilliant culture and sheer dedication to creating amazing digital experience has got them there.

WP Engine – keep those cylinders firing – we’re loving this journey!