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We deliver PR and comms campaigns that get your brand talked, written and raved about.

PR has always been integral to our business, and we thrive on finding ways to push results further. OG clients get access to our decades of experience and industry relationships – as well as our passion for pushing the boundaries to create brand awareness. Since having the right contacts is only half of the battle, our PR service brings together engaging copy, influencer strategies, social profiling and event management to achieve stand out results.

Planning and PR strategy

Pinpointing your story

Effective PR is about great storytelling. Together, we’ll craft an engaging identity and brand narrative that you can use to drive sales success long after you’ve netted the coverage you need.

Media engagement

Who we know, what we know

We understand the channels, we’ve got the contacts, and we’re savvy with the technologies. From insight to activation, our team skip straight to the sources that guarantee results – no trial and error required.

Measurement and Optimisation

Maintaining your new audience

A model that once worked wonders can lose its sparkle over time. That’s why we’ll continue to polish your PR plans, with cutting edge insight and data-backed decisions to ensure we can keep up the coverage.

Organic social media

Social strategies that people want to interact with. No more hard sell, just engagement that works.

Crisis communications

When disaster strikes, we’re there to pick up the pieces – and rework them into something better.

International PR

Location matters. Our international network means your comms strategy will be uniquely tailored for regions.

Event management

Whether in person or digital, creating memorable moments is your shortcut to building brand advocacy.


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We take a different approach to tech marketing, built on the understanding that brands thrive when awareness and sales work together.

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