Moving to a different beat

Building a stand-out creative campaign to reposition an everyday finance function

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The Challenge

After acquiring accounts receivable automation platform Rimilia, accounting software firm BlackLine needed a helping hand with their strategic repositioning.

So, with a new product under their belt and armed with a list of 500 key prospects, BlackLine asked Octopus Group to launch their new B2B campaign.

A key campaign goal was to transform the perception of AR from a back-office function to a central element of finance and business strategy. To do this, BlackLine needed us to position AR automation as an underused strategic lever for finance leaders to improve business outcomes.

Our Approach

Delivering stand-out creative for an everyday finance function is no easy task.

Our challenge was to create a targeted ABM campaign that set BlackLine apart from their competitors, and spotlighted them as a cut above the rest. Our insights pointed to the fact that a large proportion of accounting businesses are continuing to do things as they have always done it, and there’s an “if it ain’t broke” mentality from those in cash operations roles. Plus, the financial market is crowded with very similar visual identities and messaging.

So how might we show Accounts Receivable businesses that working differently is possible, and position BlackLine as the alternative? We knew that to succeed, we needed to strike the balance between creating an attention-grabbing campaign that also engaged with our list of target prospects, which included CFOs and finance leaders.

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The Outcome

We looked to the financial market for anti-inspiration. In an industry full of look-alike brands, to highlight BlackLine as taking a different approach, we deconstructed their brand, focused on being creatively different and created a platform of “Moving to a Different Beat”.

We translated this language into a campaign film, following a CFO as he’s gradually affected by BlackLine, while industry peers – and a nodding bird and a waving wind tunnel – get ahead. Our platform included a solid thought leadership program, consisting targeted content – including an overarching hero eBook and four mini eBooks – that addressed the 500 key prospects by speaking specifically to their pain points, nurturing their awareness journey from start to finish.


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