PARC, Xerox’s innovation arm, invented the computer mouse and can turn seawater into car fuel. So, when it asked us to revitalise its website and global content marketing, we knew our creative and digital would need to impress.


PARC needed a brand presence that would reflect its status as one of the world’s leading technology innovation firms. In redeveloping its website from the ground up, PARC hoped to revise the way it speaks to and interacts with clients, and thus fundamentally change its lead generation process.


We began with a messaging workshop to establish the creative aspirations of key stakeholders, and worked on persona development. This was followed by a creative workshop – which included competitor analysis, photography, tone of voice, font relationships and colour – to explore how the brand would visually communicate. This informed the development of a brand playbook and a bespoke PARC style guide.

From this, our digital and creative teams set to work building PARC’s new website. We carried out a content audit and created wireframes of all the site templates to prioritise the most popular content. Once the wire-framing stage had been completed, the website was custom built on the WordPress CMS.

As an integral part of PARC's marketing plan we migrated its lead generation activity to HubSpot. This required custom API development to pull patent and publication data from an external database onto the website, and then to dynamically populate the site to maximise click-through to related content.


The result was a vibrant new mobile responsive website and brand identity, which has resulted in higher conversion rates across key content as well as a structured lead nurture programme that continues to evolve.

Brand to Sales mobile responsive WordPress website work with Parc
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