With our cybersecurity client Fortinet, we create year-round customer advocacy and media coverage opportunities.


It is infinitely more effective for a vendor’s customers to tell its story, rather than have a vendor ‘blow its own trumpet’ and expect audiences to take what it says at face value. We run an ongoing customer advocacy programme with cybersecurity business Fortinet. Meeting the expectations of both Fortinet and its customers involves lots of effective communication.


When beginning a new project, we speak with an account manager at Fortinet for background information, to agree on messaging, and to ensure that the team’s priorities are considered. Together, we then speak with the customer to understand the project from their perspective. Our copy team then writes the case study and has it approved by both parties. The case studies are mainly used by Fortinet's sales teams, but we also pitch them out when relevant, achieving coverage among target publications.


We’ve gone from creating just one or two case studies a year to 15 annually in 2019, spanning all of EMEA across a range of verticals (public sector, travel, education, etc).

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