We worked with Marketo on a campaign that would position it as a trusted technology partner that's knowledgeable about GDPR.



Working with our research arm, Loudhouse, we helped Marketo create a campaign around GDPR for brand awareness and demand generation purposes. By creating bespoke content using primary research, the campaign focused on finding ways to talk to marketers about GDPR, and how it would impact their roles and campaigns. We revealed consumer understanding of the regulation, and how they anticipated enacting their rights, if at all. The most important thing of all was to stand out amidst everything else that was being said about GDPR at the time.


In the eight weeks prior to the GDPR deadline, Loudhouse researched both consumers and senior marketers, providing data that would inform the campaign. We created a research report, infographic, press release, and social media cards and content. We used these assets to fuel a direct marketing campaign, including emails and webinars, as well as media outreach in the UK, France and Germany, with each asset translated to the local language.

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