Unlocking the power of B2B payments with Optal.


In 2019, we started working on a fully integrated direct marketing campaign with payment technology innovator Optal. 

Optal’s business initially involved providing ACH (Automated Clearing House) products for the travel and logistics industries in Australia. Searching for a business line that had global potential, it launched one of the industry’s first virtual credit card payment products. Today, Optal’s Virtual Accounts Numbers (VANs) give businesses a new way to pay suppliers, through a uniquely secure and trackable solution processing in excess of $20bn USD in 2019. By automating the settlement of supplier invoices using the Mastercard network, it provides greater payment control than legacy methods such as BACS and cheques.

Our campaign had to raise awareness and generate demand around Optal’s innovative way to pay, positioning its virtual card solution as a new way to reduce risk, automate reconciliation and generate rewards in B2B payments.


Brand presence was a problem for Optal. Despite having a solution that had a track record of transforming B2B payments for buyers and suppliers, it needed to raise brand awareness and find a new way to clearly explain the solution.

Our challenge was one of education and information, before generating new sales leads to grow business among an audience of discerning and tech literate insurers and financiers across multiple industry sectors.


Our work began with a brand refresh, honing Optal’s visual appearance online and in content, before a substantial piece of work on messaging and personas. Combined, this outlined the VAN's one-minute pitch, value proposition, and deep persona profiles, which were linked to solutions and buyer journeys.

With the new positioning helping Optal to change the way it speaks about itself we went into creative and content generation. We launched new solutions web pages for the business. Then began a content programme that combined thought-leadership and advice-based content with creative and engaging reports. These were promoted alongside blogs and other top-of-funnel content through email marketing, paid and organic social and search. We also partnered with tech and B2B media specialists to syndicate content on relevant third-party websites, knowing this would be a great way to reach our specific target market.

With our content created, we turned our attention to nurturing our target audience. We knew that marketing automation would play an important role, so we implemented Hubspot and created effective workflows and lead scoring to generate MQLs for the Optal sales team.


Optal now face their market with a clear message and value proposition, supported by a rich bank of content that backs up their message and nurtures leads through the sales process. Campaign highlights include:

  • 132,835 LinkedIn impressions

  • 1,701 LinkedIn clicks

  • 401,660 Google Ads impressions

  • 1,075 Google Ads clicks

  • 238 MQLs

Our campaign focused on the possibilities and opportunities payments alternatives present for businesses, rather than the negative, fear-based messaging that is so often seen in the finance sector. In doing so, we changed the conversation and created excitement around the future of B2B payments.


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Bradley Eccleshare, Chief Marketing Officer at Optal

“A complex task for the best of agencies, Optal presented multiple stakeholders, many technical and regulatory nuances, alongside a global audience. Together, we achieved the impossible - in 18 months, the passionate team at Octopus delivered longevity and leads abound. Brand, proposition and creative all wrapped up - Brilliant.”

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