We launched a global, integrated content marketing campaign to relaunch Vodafone Cloud and Hosting, and deliver high-quality sales leads.


Vodafone approached Octopus Group having heard about our unique Brand To Sales™ methodology. They were interested in how we could help them to relaunch their cloud and hosting offering, grow awareness, improve their position in the competitive cloud market, and deliver high-quality sales leads. We devised a wide-ranging and ambitious project involving many of our services, including research, messaging, creative, digital, lead generation and campaign planning. The result was a global, integrated content marketing and advertising campaign based on the central message: There’s a cloud that can...


Our first step was to carry out a qualitative research project that looked at enterprise cloud buyers, what accelerates their buying decisions, and their opinions on having IT infrastructure delivered and managed by a third party. The research revealed a growing market, but concerns around security, as well as a desire to be seen as a ‘smart’ business that could take advantage of innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT). This research formed the basis of Vodafone Cloud and Hosting’s new messaging, positioning, and the creative approaches we would develop.

Creative development

Bringing together our design, content, research and brand engagement teams, we developed a series of platforms. One of which would eventually become the creative for our advertising campaign, and inform all our content. To ensure we arrived at the right creative platform, our research team at Loudhouse carried out a quantitative research piece among senior technology buyers; asking them which of a series of adverts spoke to them and why.

Vodafone Billboard example
Vodafone Digital Display example
Thought leadership content

We developed a series of nine thought leadership content pieces. These were based on the core campaign themes of safe, smart and simple, and drew on use cases to link to our hero video and advertising creative. Our copy team interviewed key Vodafone spokespeople, using that insight to write three eBooks, three customer stories and three practical guides. They then worked with our design and brand teams to ensure the right pictorial and visual approach. This content was supplemented by EDMs, blogs, and social activity.

  1. 15.8m ad impressions

  2. 322% increase in web visits YoY

  3. 347 content downloads

  4. 1.7m LinkedIn impressions in six weeks

  5. 32 webinar registrations

  6. 1000 visitors to internal campaign microsite

Vodafone Bakery storyboard illustration
Vodafone Bakery Video Still
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