An engaging identity and brand narrative is crucial to everything that drives sales success. We help you resonate with your core audiences to get the response you want. It’s about reflecting your brand and message to the greatest effect, using a voice that’s all your own.

At Octopus Group we truly understand the power of a brand and how it can help you arrive at sales faster. Our entire methodology is built on that premise, and we’ve had many success stories involving brands that have substantially grown with our help.

But brand building is a complex process. It takes time and talent to develop a brand personality, nurture your intellectual property, define your audiences and develop a narrative. When it’s done (and done well) your brand ideation work with us will drive the content we produce, our marketing and PR strategies, and the leads we’ll generate for you.

So whether it’s a new brand or a timely makeover, we follow the same process. First, we spend time with internal and external stakeholders, taking a long, hard look at what makes your product or service unique and appealing. Then we focus on why this matters to customers and why they should believe in you over and above your competition.

Once your audience buys into your brand and starts to feel like what you are doing and saying really speaks to them, and fits in well with who they are and the products or services they require, sales success follows.