There are countless channels, technologies and media sources to invest time and money into. Which means big opportunities if you get it right, but a big risk if you get it wrong.

So this is where our strategists come into their own, from insight to activation. We also measure the success of your campaign along the way. So we know that every decision is the right one. Proper planning prevents poor performance. We all know the mantra, but how many campaigns fall foul of it?

At Octopus Group, we love it when a plan comes together. And we make sure that you won’t see the complexity, but you will see the results.

It all starts with a go-to-market strategy based on insight and research-informed pen portraits that bring your buyers to life. Through that work we’ll know what makes your audiences unique. So we can find them in a crowded market, understand which channels they use, and know what kind of campaign will grab their attention. Once that’s in place we get to the grand plan – based on a combination of our services, from content and creative to PR, social and digital.

Then it’s time for activation, with our industry experts at the helm, generating leads and demonstrating what Brand To Sales™ really means.

It’s a systematic approach and everything is planned with an end-goal in mind, applying clever thinking, cutting edge tech and knowhow to make your journey from Brand To Sales™ as fast as possible. With us you’ll have a core team to seamlessly plan all channels across Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned, and who’ll report back our findings to keep campaign management simple.