Everything is ‘content’. Which means it’s vital to create work that really stands out. At Octopus Group we bring talented and experienced writers and creatives to your brand. So you can be sure that your content is targeted, relevant, engaging and interesting.

The shopping list of what constitutes content in B2B marketing is growing all the time. Think research reports, eBooks, articles, whitepapers, PR releases, press advertising, online banners, social media posts, videos, trade show displays, podcasts and, most importantly of all, websites.

In short, for a modern marketer content is everything – and doing it well matters. Because, while weak content is money wasted, good content gets people interested, talking, clicking, sharing and engaging at all stages of the sales process. 

That’s why we invest in the best B2B writers in the business, from a range of backgrounds, including broadsheet journalism, technical writing, blogging, scripting and copywriting. Then partner with design to make sure everything looks as good as it reads.

We take the time to get to know you, through soak sessions and interviews. As well as your audience, through research and comprehensive reading lists for each and every client. Octopedes know the power of the written word, and they like to wield it.