Getting your target audience interested in your brand. All of our work on content, channels, conversations and technologies is focused on generating qualified leads for you. Quickly.

So, how best to start when you want to create leads? Octopus Group uses a blended approach.

For short to medium-term leads we deploy direct response campaigns. These are typically comprised of eDMs, printed DMs, events, and online advertising, using paid social, Google Ads, publisher partnerships and content.

For medium to long-term leads we deliver inbound marketing, based on a combination of the power of face-to-face with the targeted reach of digital.

By blending the old and new, online and offline, our Brand To Sales™ approach will deliver a strong lead generation programme for your business, which continually gets better by nurturing prospects down the ‘demand funnel’ until they are genuinely qualified leads.

It takes the latest technologies and expertise to deliver this kind of progressive lead-gen programme. Along with constant campaign optimisation to ensure you’re always getting maximum bang for your buck. Octopedes verge on the obsessive when it comes to tweaking campaign components to get maximum traffic, conversions and, above all, ROI.