Despite the digital world we live in, some established rules never change. Nothing builds brand advocacy and sales quicker than face-to-face engagement. We know that. And our brand engagement specialists, creatives and campaign planners have the expertise, enthusiasm and contact books to make all of your industry moments memorable.

There’s simply nothing like personal interaction in business. So events are a great way to make a lasting impact on the people that matter to you.

Octopedes are expert in getting people to attend, interact and engage. So we know precisely how to make your events live long in the memory.

Whether that’s by being the biggest noise at a busy trade show or sector event, staging a bespoke experiential occasion, or setting up meetings with key journalists and influencers.

We also look to use creative content, PR, social and on and offline engagement to tie big events into wider, integrated campaigns, ensuring that your investment lasts longer than just a few hours.